Villari is hiring! Check out our positions below and contact us at if you’d like to get in touch. Don’t forget to attach your CV.

Internship – Advanced Analysis

Your job will be to analyse live RedFox sensor data that is streamed to our servers, and to distinguish the patterns we’re after. You will help us improve our algorithms to boil down a wealth of information into meaningful parameters such as crack length. You will have freedom to introduce your own ideas and methods to tackle the technical challenges you, together with us, will inevitably encounter. You are encouraged to make use of a scalable programming language, such that the tools you develop can be expanded across multiple projects.

Graduate Internship – Invisible Nonlinearities

The assignment will consist of a few steps: initially you will familiarise yourself with the physical principles behind our sensor technology. Then you will be taught how to model these physical principles using finite element analysis software. This is followed up by building a model which shows how the physical properties of the material change, when crack growth starts to occur. This model is then validated and fine-tuned using real-world data and/or laboratory data which you’ve generated yourself. It is a challenge, but surely a rewarding one, and you will be supported along the way!

Internship – Media Mandate

In this internship you will identify and segment the target groups that are important for us (potential clients, potential employees, investors, etc.). Together Villari founders, you will set up the message that must be conveyed: should we emphasize our technology? Is it wise to put safety on top? Then a general strategy is needed, in which you are encouraged to develop several (visualized) concepts: what available tools do we have, what would it look like? When applying for this internship, be prepared to work hard, experience a lot of freedom to introduce own ideas, and if all goes well, get the satisfaction of realizing those ideas!