Vision, Mission & Values


We envision a future where we maximize asset utilization under 100% safe operating conditions. We believe both premature replacement of assets as well as unforeseen structural degradation must belong to the past, and that there’s no need to compromise between those. Therefore, we’re committed to provide the knowledge needed to reach this future, and we believe structural health monitoring technology plays a key role in this. 


It is our mission to maximize the continued, uninterrupted and safe operation of our client’s assets. We want to fulfill this mission by providing our clients with access to smart, data-driven technology that allows them to act effectively and responsibly in advance of future events (planned & unplanned). 


The three pillars shown below reflect our fundamental values. They describe who we are, by what beliefs we conduct our practice, and form the foundation for the relation with our clients.

Maintain Integrity

Show Accountability

Pioneer with Passion