Sensor development

Together with our partners, Villari is working hard on tackling a known problem in steel structures: monitoring tiny cracks at challenging locations. Currently our next sensor model is under development, and we hope to share some more with you soon!

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€20B Reserved for bridges & tunnels renovation

As of this year, Rijkswaterstaat started its largest maintenance project to date: 20 billion euros will be spent from 2020 to 2033 on renovation of bridges and tunnels in the Netherlands. 
We think that by investing in smart monitoring technology, Rijkswaterstaat can safely extend the lifetime of their assets by multiple years. Let’s see what the near future brings…

Refer to the ministery’s MIRT report of 2020 (Dutch):

Partnership with TU Delft

TU Delft library

As of December 2019, Villari and TU Delft have entered into a long-term partnership that further underlines the bonds between both parties. Villari has started as a spin-off from the TU Delft, looking to build upon technology that has started originally as a Joint Industry Project at the Ship & Offshore Structures department of the 3ME faculty. Together with TU Delft, Villari aims to enhance safety for thousands of steel structures across the globe – both on and offshore!