Steel bridges

Bridges form a key part of our infrastructure. They have been designed to handle repeated traffic loads for decades or even longer before they need replacing. An increase in both the amount and load of traffic has resulted in an accelerated degradation of many bridges around the world. The integrity of steel structural joints plays a key role in this. Villari helps bridge owners to closely map the integrity of such joints, allowing them to safely operate their asset while accurately planning construction works.

Heavy lift cranes

Cranes used to move heavy cargo are widely used across industry. Whether it considers containers at a harbour terminal or large objects in a factory hall, safe and uninterrupted availability of heavy lift cranes can be mission-critical. The integrity of the crane’s steel structure acts as a dominant factor when considering downtime. Villari helps owners of heavy lift cranes to instantaneously assess the health of their assets, without having to manually access difficult-to-reach locations.

Offshore structures

Wind turbines, platforms, and other fixed and floating objects are designed to operate in the harsh loads of the elements. Over time, their steel structure degrades as a result of repeating loads, and it is difficult to conduct regular inspections due to their remote locations. Low-power and high-precision Villari technology can help monitor the integrity of offshore structures, significantly saving on the costly expenditure of on-location specialists.