RedFox Nodes

RedFox nodes are wireless crack monitoring sensor units that form the core of our services: Remote Inspection, Automated Warning & Predictive Maintenance. RedFox nodes allow asset owners to have the benefits of everyday specialist inspection, without the specialists having to access the actual asset. 

Nodes are typically installed at structural details that are of enhanced interest to the asset owner. Because no surface preparation is required (no paint removal), installation of a RedFox node is done within minutes. Directly after installation the RedFox node becomes operational: the structural detail is immediately monitored for initiating or progressing cracks of 1-10 mm on a continuous basis. Data is securely & wirelessly sent for analysis via the cellular network. A RedFox node can operate for at least five years without manual intervention. 

Structural detail typeCorner
Battery lifetime5+ years
Data transfer modeCellular
Data encryptionAES-256
Crack size accuracy1-10 mm
Typical reporting frequencyWeekly
Supported Villari servicesRemote Inspection
Automated Warning
Predictive Maintenance
RedFox Node features